Monday, May 11, 2009

Stop It!!!

Why does life have to be so painful? Why can't the good people get the good things in life that they truly deserve?

One friend provided love, food, lodging and things in life that his "family" needed and wanted. What did he get in return? Kicked out of his own home with no discussion, support or contact from said family. The ex got half of everything and racked up $140K in debt.

Another person has a baby, gets married, gives up her good job, sells her nice home, moves hundreds of miles away from everything she knows so that her husband doesn't have to give up HIS life. When she decides after 3 years that she's miserably unhappy and wants to go back home he won't budge. So nows she's living at home with her parents and her child and is still miserable because she feels she's failed at everything in life.

One man busts his butt for 27 years with the same company, gets laid off and gets nothing for the many years of loyal service and hard work. Now he's struggling to make a go of his own business and constantly gets screwed over.

Another woman lives a good respectable life for 40+ years, doing everything shes expected to do and still can't get the few things that she truly wants... someone to love her, a child, A FAMILY!!!

Life just really sucks and the good people get screwed.

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