Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Something that really bothers me...

I just realized there is something that really bothers me. I hadn't thought of it in this aspect until just now.

I have a friend from junior/senior high school. We don't communicate a whole lot, but she's still a presence in my life. Lately her lifestyle (what little I know of it) and the choices she has made bug me.

See, when we were kids, she was a very devout baptist and believed strongly in God, Jesus Christ, etc. Well, lately she has basically denounced God and become a wiccan. What she told me is that she can not believe in a God that would allow his children to suffer the way that she has suffered. So she has turned to witchcraft, herbs, paganistic rituals, medicine wheels, etc.

I'm sorry, but from what I know of her life she has not suffered any more than most and not as much as others. I know that she has had a couple of miscarriages, and has tried to adopt several children throughout the years that haven't worked out, but she does have one son. Never having been pregnant, let alone had a miscarriage, I can only imagine the pain she had to endure losing those children. However, in my opinion, she should be extremely grateful for the son she does have. She won't go to baby showers anymore because "it's too painful." She just can't be happy for the mother-to-be. HOW SELFISH!!!!!!

I feel cheated that I never found someone to marry and that I never had the opportunity to have even one child! But I'm not turning to this (in my opinion) ridiculous "religion."

One of the reasons I think the adoptions didn't work out is because her marriage isn't good. She's told me before that she wants to leave her husband, but doesn't know how she would make it if she did. I believe that she mentioned to me that he might be suicidal if she did just to spite her. I believe that there was some divine intervention when the adoptions did not go through. Why would God allow a child to come into a home with an unstable relationship like that?

I will give her credit though... although she was not a good student when we were in school, she has home schooled her son and he seems to be doing very well.

I truly believe that everyone is entitled to choose the life they want to lead, however, I don't have to approve of it or accept it. I believe this is why I am so reluctant to communicate with this person and do not like to socialize with her.

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