Friday, September 25, 2009


Once again, I want to tell you, yesterday was not an issue. I realize you may have to stay sometimes and there may be times when you'll have to wait for me. Just let me know how long you think you might be and I'll do other things like I did yesterday.

Now, this morning.... that's a different story...

First of all, I want you to know that I feel like I'm risking a lot by even sending you this email, but I HAVE to say something or its going to eat at me all day.

Is there something wrong between us because YOU WERE AN A@@ this morning! I think you totally over-reacted to me not following what you thought you had told me. As I TRIED to say in the CONVERSATION, when you FIRST said D was having a meeting with the principal there was no mention of the security video! It wasn't until later, when you said S had met with the principal and you said HE had reviewed it, that the video even came up. You didn't say anything about S being allowed to look at it, so I was not assuming that D was going to get to see it either without being insistent. However, you got pissed off, didn't let me finish my thoughts and the conversation ended right there.

And by the way... that was not the first time you've done something like to me but I've let it go. However, I'm tired of it. You made me feel like an imbecile. I haven't spoken up in the past because I was afraid of you shutting me out. I didn't feel like it was worth it. But I can't let you do that to me anymore. I'm making myself miserable because I'm afraid of losing your friendship. That's not healthy, even though I "hate you" but this morning I was feeling that in the true sense of the word and I don't want us to ever get to that point.

So, now that I've probably just thrown our friendship in front of steaming locomotive, I'll let you get back to work.

Have a good day.


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