Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So... What would you change and when?

If you were granted the wish of going back in time, how far back would you go?  Once back to that time, what would you change?

Answering the first part is difficult.  Do you know when something happened that would have changed your life's journey?  At what point in your life can you say "If I had gone 'left' there instead of 'right' my life would be better." And how do you know that it would be better?  How do you know it wouldn't have taken you down an even uglier road than what you think you are already on.

I'm sure that this next comment will sound egotistical and self-centered, but I need to say it.  Why do I feel like I always have to give, give, give even though I don't get the same in return?  Turning this back to my original question, what would I do to change this?  Who would I choose not to help?  What would I choose not to do?

I'm just feeling very taken for granted in many different areas of my life and I'm trying to look back in my life and see what I did wrong to deserve the cards I've been dealt.  I know the old saying, but IT JUST AIN'T FAIR!!!

Life is really tough.

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  1. Life is really tough! Anyone who says differently was just dealt really great cards.

    I really wouldn't change a thing about my past. It's been a tough road a lot of the time, but it's has made me who I am and I like who I am. I've spent time with bad people and had a REALLY rough time. I stopped being around those people for good.

    We can definitely learn from the past. We can learn to behave differently now, and to react differently to things that have triggered us to go in the wrong direction previously.

    It sounds like you're hanging around some crappy people, to be honest. Certain people will take all you have to give and give nothing in return. If you let them, they will take advantage of you. No amount of talking or pleading will get a deadbeat to treat you better. They will let you go out and work and pay rent and bills and they will sit on their butts and not get a job for as long as possible (for example).

    The only thing you can do is cut them loose. Stop hanging out with them, or break up with them for good, and find new friends.

    On the other hand, there are good people out there who wouldn't dream of making you pay for everything or take advantage of your kindness. For some people, it only feels right if they give back. Find those people. Don't waste your time with losers.

    I hope you learn to make changes in your friends and your behavior to get the life you want.